University of Connecticut

Policy and Procedure Concerning Personal Leave Without Pay for Classified Employees

TO: Deans, Directors, Department Heads and Administrators
FROM: Keith Hood, Manager of Labor Relations
DATE: December 1, 2008


Classified employees may not take unpaid time off from the job without prior approval. While the University recognizes that problems or emergencies occasionally arise which may require the employee to take time off without pay, and that in some instances an employee may have exhausted his/her earned time and require time off without pay, leave without pay is a privilege and not a right.



When an employee wants to take time off from his/her work without pay he/she must submit a request for such leave time on the attached form to his/her immediate supervisor stating the length of unpaid leave requested. The employee should also state whether he/she wishes to have the position held or not. After the written request has been approved by the Dean/Director, the request should be forwarded to the University Department of Human Resources Leave Administrator at U-5075. Failure to obtain approval before taking time off without pay may subject the employee to disciplinary action. Time taken by an employee without prior permission should be coded on the employee's time card as "O," and noted as unauthorized in the remarks column on the card.

The form can be found at